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The beauty of flowers can’t be denied.  It’s one of the reasons that being a Los Angeles wholesale rose provider is such a pleasure.  We get to be surrounded by that beauty throughout the day.  Flowers and gardens have been a source of inspiration for many artists over the years as well, and the Descanso Gardens are putting paintings right alongside their floral inspirations in their public exhibition titled Portraits of the Garden.

Portraits of the Garden builds on the thematic idea of artists interpreting the natural world around them in new and exciting ways.  For the exhibition, the Descanso Gardens commissioned new works by contemporary artists like Linda Hudson, Astrid Preston, & Steve Roden.  Some of these works were even created using actual plant materials that appear on the gallery’s walls.  The Gardens also invited submissions from other artists that have been inspired by the gardens.  Vetted by a panel of renowned judges, 150 works were selected that express a wide variety of individual artist’s takes on the familiar landscapes.

The Southern California community is also getting involved and has been encouraged to submit their own photos of Descanso Gardens to be displayed in a video installation in the gallery and online.  The exhibition is currently open and will run through March 30th.

Accredited by the American Association of Museums, the Descanso Gardens sees thousands of annual visitors and is a self-declared “urban retreat of year-round natural beauty, internationally renowned botanical collections and spectacular seasonal horticultural gardens.    Located in Flintridge, it is certainly one of the best places to see gorgeous floral displays in Southern California.

Los Angeles Wholesale Roses through Flowerlink

The Descanso Gardens can boast that they show visitors some of the world’s most beautiful flowers, but Flowerlink can bring them directly to your floral shop, supermarket, or Los Angeles event.  We provide our Southern California clients with world-class fair trade roses that are grown on family-owned farms in the heart of Ecuador.  We can get those roses directly to you within three days of being cut so you know they’re the absolute freshest they can be.

We already provide the finest varieties of roses wholesale to some of the most popular florists and high end supermarkets in Los Angeles and Orange County, and we can meet your needs as well.  If you’d like to learn more about Flowerlink and our process or receive fresh-cut samples, please contact us today.   Let us bring you roses worthy of a work of art.

If you know much about Flowerlink, then you know we’re incredibly proud of our Ecuador heritage.  The South American country has the perfect climate and infrastructure to produce the world’s best roses.  In a period of only thirty 30 years, cut flowers have revitalized the Ecuadorian economy and made Ecuador one of the top exporters of cut flowers to the US.  Currently, the nation continues to be on the forefront of environmental and social advances within the cut flower industry…. but, how did we get to this point?

In 1983, the cut flower industry was introduced to the country of Ecuador.  It would take nearly a decade before the industry would truly blossom, however.  In 1991, the Andean Trade Preference Act was enacted which allowed for the tax-free export of cut flowers to America.  Between 1995 and 1998, the cut flower industry grew an incredible 37% each and every year until flowers became one of Ecuador’s biggest and most profitable exports.

With the explosion of demand came new problems, though.  Concerns over working conditions and environmental impact cast a shadow over Ecuador’s rose production.   In 1999, the International Code of Conduct for the production of cut flowers would finally come to Ecuador.  This code of conduct would form the basis for the Flower Label Program (FLP) which would ensure that workers within the cut flower industry were treated and compensated fairly.   This meant that certified farms would be prohibited from employing workers under the age of 15 and no worker would labor under dangerous conditions.  This also meant the banning of dangerous, life-threatening pesticides dubbed the “Dirty Dozen.”

Ecuador would take its efforts a step further in 2001 when the Centro de Estudios y Asesoría en Salud would begin inspecting Ecuadorian flower producers to make sure that they complied with all FLP standards.  Now 10% of all of Ecuador’s floriculture industry is certified by the FLP and of course, this includes the farms that provide Flowerlink’s roses as well.

Ecuador’s Best Roses Brought to Southern California with Flowerlink

Flowerlink has been providing Los Angeles wholesale roses to florists, supermarkets, and event planners in Southern California for a decade.  We carry new and original varieties that were grown on Ecuadorian family-owned farms under the strictest social and environmental guidelines.

If you want to bring the world’s best roses to your event or shop, we’d love to help.  Just contact us and we can send you more information about our roses as well as samples of our finest varieties.

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