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We’ve stressed it before in the past and that’s because it is so incredibly important: you NEED to know where your roses are coming from.  When you’re looking for a Los Angeles wholesale rose provider for your flower shop, market, or big event you want to be able to tell your customers that the roses you display were grown ethically.

Flowerlink’s roses are grown on smaller, family-owned farms in Ecuador.  In that country, the cut flower industry has revitalized the economy, so it’s no wonder why other countries are taking advantage of this blossoming crop.  The important thing is to make sure that the workers aren’t also being taken advantage of.

India has become a rising giant in the world of cut flower production, but it hasn’t been easy for the South Asia nation.   Last year alone its industry increased by nearly 20%, exporting 76.73 tons to places like Europe, Australia, Canada, and Japan. However, since it began production, many Indian rose farms have been hit with high royalty rates for foreign-bred roses and input costs that have been steadily increasing.  There have also been environmental concerns as rose growers go through hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per week which has depleted groundwater sources.

The high royalties are being paid to foreign breeders for the latest varieties.  This is coupled with debt that most growers are still underneath because of large upfront costs paid for massive infrastructure like greenhouses imported from the Netherlands.

The industry has still been looking for more competitive rates and assistance from their government.  The government has acted in recent years, including subsidizing the cost of imported infrastructure and this allocation has allowed for some actual innovation within India and rural development that wasn’t there before.  This includes rainwater harvesting to combat water depletion by rose growers.

Unlike places like Ethiopia or Kenya, India is not purely exporting the roses, many stay domestically within the country.  Having farms that can cater to local customers has helped reduce cost and put many people to work.

Fair Trade Ecuador Roses From Flowerlink

The rose industry can help a country, but it can also hurt people.  That’s why Flowerlink is certified by fair trade organizations to ensure that all of our finest varieties were grown with a social and environmental conscious.  To learn more about our process and the origin of our world class Los Angeles roses contact us today.

The Society of American Florists (SAF) kicks off its annual convention in Marco Island on August 13th.  It’s one of the longest running floral conventions in the country, now in its 130th year.  It’s a distinguished, weeklong event that brings florists and buyers from around the world under one roof.

It all starts on Wednesday, August 13th with a series of networking events including a First-Timers Reception and SAF President’s Welcome Party.  The next day is when the event really gets into full swing.  This day includes:

  • State of the Industry Breakfast – Speakers will educate visitors to macro trends within the industry, how the floral industry affects a country’s economy, and how consumer behavior impacts the entire floral industry.  Speakers include Peter J. Moran (SAF CEO) and Robert Williams (SAF Chairman).
  • Outstanding Varieties Exhibition – An in-depth tour that will showcase varieties that have taken top honors at previous SAF’s annual competitions.
  • Fashion Forward: 2015 Floral Trends – The co-owners of Schaffer Designs will discuss the top trends in floral design and how your shop can use these trends to reinforce your brand and capitalize on consumer demand.
  • Groovy! It’s That ’70s Premier Products Showcase! – The Professional Floral Communicators are showing you how to bring the blossoming trend of ‘70s style to your shop.
  • American Floral Endowment Annual Reception and Fundraising Dinner – An evening with industry professionals that will help raise money for research, scholarships, and education that will promote growth in the floral industry.  $175 per ticket.  Register at

Friday, August 15th continues with the eye-opening events including:

  • Floral Management’s 21st Annual Marketer of the Year Award – This convention tradition will honor the most unique and successful marketing effort that have increased sales.  The winner walks away with a $5,000 prize.
  • Who Let the Dogs Out? The Art of Selling What You’ve Bought – Learn from Mary Liz Curtin, owner of Leon & Lulu, how to sell slow-moving items at full price through merchandising tactics not markdowns.
  • Unleash the Power of Online Advertising – Josh Glass from Peoples Flower Shops will show you how online pay-per-click advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Bing) can help you make your mark in search results and stay ahead of your competition.
  • Networking Reception – The night ends with casual conversation between professionals and entrepreneurs.

The highlight of the final day of the SAF convention is the 47th Annual Sylvia Cup Design Competition sponsored by the California Cut Flower Commission.  Dozens of designers are given the same flowers and supplies and compete to create something original in a live demonstration.  It’s the longest running live floral design competition in the country.  The night concludes with an After Glow Party for all attendees.

Los Angeles Wholesale Roses Through Flowerlink

You don’t have to travel to Florida to get the world’s best roses.  Flowerlink can deliver them directly to you.  To learn more about our fair trade Ecuadorian roses, contact us today.