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Popular White Rose Varieties

Posted on July 12th, 2017 at 5:17 pm

Today we are highlighting some of our and our client’s favorite white rose varieties. White rose varieties featured in this post : Polar Star, Escimo, Vendela, White Majolica, and Tibet.


Polar Star

Meet Polar Star, a stunning creamy white rose variety. This variety is super chic, opening to beautiful large blooms that look great in arrangements or on their own. Trust us you’ll be smitten.

Length: 40-60 cm | Bud Size: 6.5-7 cm


Meet Escimo, a cooler hued white rose variety with lovely angular petals that turn back as it opens. We love the fresh natural look this rose displays when open. Even though Escimo is a little smaller than some of the other white varieties, it creates great interest and texture wherever used.

Length: 40-70 cm | Bloom Size: 4.3 cm


Meet elegant Vendala. We love her creamy color with hints of blush and classically structured blooms. She is perfect for wedding season and so many other things.


Length: 40-80 cm | Bud Size: 6 cm

White Majolica

White Majolica is a quintessential white spray rose variety with it’s soft petals and beautiful shades of white and blush. This variety opens fully with a ruffled “garden rose” look to reveal a creamy yellow center. Each stem usually contains 3 to 5 blooms for more impact. This variety ads size and texture variation to any arrangement.

White Majolica


Meet Tibet, a white to creamy white standard rose variety. Tibet roses have an elegant classic shape with blooms that open nicely to reveal it’s true beauty. With medium sized blooms and various lengths this rose variety is a truly versatile option.
Length: 40-70 cm | Bud Size: 6 cm

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