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Our Origins

Although Flowerlink officially opened for business in Southern California in 2004, our roots go back almost two decades to the time our farms were started in Ecuador in the early 1990s.During these years our farms had sold fresh cute roses directly to wholesalers around the world but had very little contact with its end clients, the customers that ultimately took the roses home. In the sales process our roses would often change hands several times between middlemen and intermediaries, shortening the life of every stem and thus diminishing the value of a truly unique product. Therefore we decided to eliminate the middlemen, and open shop in Los Angeles bringing our product – the best roses in the world- directly to florist & high end buyers with no stops or delays in between.Since then our goal has been to provide you with the freshest, newest and highest quality roses in the world, in the shortest amount of time, between the moment the stem is cut from the plant to the moment it is delivered.

Flowerlink carries over 200 varieties of roses including spray roses, garden roses, and premium select hydrangea. All delivered directly to our clients no later than three days after they’ve been cut from the plant ensuring that their best days are ahead and not behind them.

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the farms

Our Farms, 250 acres houses a total of 124 acres of greenhouse that ensures the optimal temperature for the growth and development of the rose plants throughout day and night. Such unique conditions, together with our constant dedication to the environment and to the well being of those who work there are no doubt reasons why some of the top rose breeders in the world have chosen our farms as the location of their only showrooms in Ecuador.

Our Farms

varieties GROWN from wonderful breeders such as:


Plantas Continental
Rosen Tantau

Brown Breeding
Kordes Roses