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We Celebrate 10 Years in Southern California!

Flowerlink celebrated last Wednesday, and we definitely had a good reason.  It’s been ten years since we first started providing the greater Los Angeles area with our world class roses.  We spent our 10th anniversary at the Manhattan Beach Country Club surrounded by friends, old and new.  These friends included loyal Flowerlink clients like Bristol Farms, Designs by David, LA Botanicals, The Hidden Garden, BloomNation, and so many others that we simply can’t name them all.  There was good food, good company, and plenty of time to reflect on the past ten years.

Today, Flowerlink’s roses can be found in high-end supermarkets, popular floral shops, and featured in major events throughout Southern California, but that’s certainly not where we started.  The roots of our roses can be traced to our family farms in Ecuador where some of the world’s best roses have been grown for decades.  But it was ten years ago that those roses were brought to Los Angeles and Flowerlink was born.

All the faithful clients that crowded into the Manhattan Beach Country Club last Wednesday had to be earned.  In the beginning, they weren’t coming to us, so Flowerlink went to them.  Working out of her car, Flowerlink’s founder, Natalia Diez, would go from florist to florist, offering samples of the finest rose varieties from her family-owned farms.  Though the beginnings were humble, the quality of the roses was undeniable.  Soon the word of our roses spread and demand for Ecuador’s finest began to grow.  As the demand bloomed, so did Flowerlink.  The trusty car was soon swapped for a delivery van, and Flowerlink was finally on its way to providing wholesale roses to florists and high-end buyers all across Los Angeles and Orange County.

Many of those early customers are still using our roses, and we’ve always valued their dedication.  Today, Flowerlink operates out of a large warehouse in Torrance, California.  The business that started out of the back of a car, delivering roses from her father’s farms, eventually became the second biggest client for those very same farms.  The operation may have gotten bigger, but the principals at Flowerlink have always stayed the same.

We’ll continue to provide the highest quality roses, consistently and reliably.  In the wholesale flower industry, trust is a major factor.  Not coming through on your commitments could devastate someone’s business or special day.  Our dependability and desire to build lasting relationships has gained the trust of some of the biggest names in Southern California, and we’re ready to gain your trust as well.  Thanks for a beautiful ten years and for many more to come!