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Colors of Spring Wholesale with Flowerlink!

Spring is upon us and that means Mother’s Day and Easter are not far behind.  If you’re an LA florist or event planner, we’re sure you’re busy preparing springtime arrangements that best embody this wonderful time of year.  The colors of roses you select will determine if your designs truly exemplify the season, but just because there are certain shades that are expected, doesn’t mean you don’t still have a wide variety to choose from.

When it comes to stocking up on Los Angeles wholesale roses for the spring holidays, what colors do you gravitate toward?

Los Angeles roses for Mother’s Day arrangements are often best represented by colors that remind Mom of the best parts of Southern California.  That’s why many florists and planners turn to bold, dazzling blues that are reminiscent of the ocean, cayenne colors that represent the sandy deserts, and magenta purples paired with lush oranges that epitomize the splendor of a warm sunset.

For Easter, of course, no colors will ever be more emblematic than pastels.  Even though pastels are conventional, floral designers have found ways to use color to inject fresh ideas into their Easter arrangements.  Splashing bold citrus colors and purples alongside traditional pastels creates a contrast between soft and vibrant that not only encompasses the colors of spring but also the energy.

One method to achieve this result is to substitute purples and lavenders for the usual pinks.  Perhaps something like Flowerlink’s Moody Blues variety.  Using descending shades and vibrancies until you reach a white or grey hue can make for a truly stunning monochromatic design.  Of course, there’s still a lot to be said about going with the classic radiant yellow roses like Flowerlink’s Yellow Babe or Latina varieties.  These vibrant colors can be made even more stunning through the addition of neutral-colored plants like silver Brunia berries.

Los Angeles Wholesale Roses for Spring Through Flowerlink!

If you want to know what varieties of LA wholesale roses are perfect for spring, you can always contact Flowerlink.  We carry 286 varieties of the best fair trade roses that Ecuador has to offer, and we’d love to bring them to your shop or event.

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