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The Dark Truth Behind Black Roses

It’s Halloween, one of the days out of the year where all things bright and colorful are replaced with all things dark and macabre.  At Flowerlink, we’re in the business of bold and beautiful things because we carry some of the most gorgeous roses in the world.  When you see assortments of roses on Halloween, however, they aren’t the kind you’ll find in our shop.  There are usually pitch black.  But these “black” roses don’t just come out of the ground that way.  So what’s the story behind them?

Most roses believed to be black in color are actually a very deep shade of red.  Examples would be the Black Magic and Black Baccara rose varieties which are considered to be the deepest, darkest roses on the market and both of which are carried by Flowerlink.

Others claim that you can grow your own black rose by planting a dark rose, keeping it in partial shade, and watering it with a root dye mixture.  The fact of the matter is true black roses don’t exist in nature.  Nearly all of these roses you come across have been dyed black after blooming.

One method for dying roses black is placing a light rose (preferably white) in a vase with water and black food coloring or floral dye.  The roses will ‘drink’ the water, absorbing it through their stems until it dyes their petals.  Faster options include dipping the roses in dye or spraying them with black floral spray paint.

Most people associate black roses with themes fitting of a holiday like Halloween – sadness, death, mortality.  But interestingly, the black rose has a history that is littered with a more hopeful message.   The black rose has often symbolized rebirth, a start of new things.   They have also stood for will and determination, even rare and deep commitment.

It’s mostly been in recent years where the black roses has helped set the mood for spooky events, especially around Halloween.  Ultimately, black roses carry whatever symbolism is put upon it by the person either giving or receiving it.

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