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DIY Floral Easter Bunny Ears

We’ve been so inspired over here at Flowerlink with all the cute kid’s DIY floral Easter Bunny ears we’ve seen all over Instagram and Pinterest lately, so we decided to make a few using our flowers. The great thing about this project is it’s pretty easy and doesn’t require a lot of materials. Plus they look great in pictures! Let’s take a look.
Bunny Ears
Bunny Ear Frames – We purchased these fun headbands at Target but you could also make your own from any formable wire material or even cute pipe cleaners.

Flowers – We pulled the lovely selection you see below and ended up using the following varieties: Israeli Ruscus, Purple Lilac, Peach and Green Hypericum, Pink Piano Roses, White and Peach Spray Roses, White Ranunculus, Green Button Mums, Cherry Blossom, and Pink Veronica.

Floral Wire – We used a thin floral wire for wrapping our flowers onto the frame.

Floral Tape – We used this to make everything smooth. Also works great if you have a couple of smaller flowers you want to wrap together before wiring them on to th frame.

Glue Gun – We had a couple of spots we wanted to add flowers but things were a little delicate to wire in there so we cheated a little with a dab of glue. You’ll never even see it!

    1. Decide what flowers you are going to use and cut off your selected buds living a little bit of stem for wiring to the frame.
    2. Start by mocking up where some of your background greenery and main elements are going to be placed.
    3. Start wiring your background and main focal pieces in.
    4. Fill in with smaller flowers around your main focal points until all structural components are covered.
    5. Finally, make sure any sharp bits of wire are trimmed and covered and everything is held together well.

Voila, you’re done!

Wire Wrapping
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