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DIY Floral Pumpkins

It’s fall and almost Halloween and that means it’s time for pumpkins! As a special treat this week we created an awesome fresh take on the traditional holiday pumpkin decor. These pumpkins are perfect for both a spooky tabletop or bar cart and upcoming fall holiday entertaining!

White Pumpkin Materials

  • White heirloom pumpkin. Can be found now at most places where pumpkins are sold now. This one was purchased from Trader Joe’s.
  • Soaked Oasis/Floral Foam
  • Selection of Greenery and Flowers 
White heirloom pumpkin
Greenery used: Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Agonis, Cotinus, Seeded Eucalyptus
Florals used: Bunnytail, Sahara rose, Purple mini carnation, Rubicon spay rose


  • Since we planned to not carve this first pumpkin we choose one that had a depressed shape on the top to set the oasis in. 
  • Soak the oasis/floral foam overnight then cut to match the top of the pumpkin
  • Start arranging the flowers with a base of greenery until the arrangement looks full and everything is balances and stable.

This pumpkin will last a really long time since it’s not carved. Flowers can be replaced many times to refresh the look and replace dead flowers. Oasis should be taken off the pumpkin every few days and soaked in water. 

Pumpkin with cut floral oasis
Base greenery added
Completed pumpkin with flowers added

Orange Pumpkin Materials

  • Heirloom orange/green pumpkin
  • Pumpkin carving tools
  • Vase that fits the height of your pumpkin
  • Greenery and flowers. We used the same greenery as the white pumpkin but added a few different flowers: Pink Majolica spray roses, Blueberry rose, and Yellow Button Feverfew.


  • For this pumpkin we wanted to try carving and using a vase to hold the flowers. After carving out as much of the pumpkin as possible we soaked it in what with cholorine, dried it, then applies some vaseline to the inside to help preserve the pumpkin.
  • If you vase is a little short you can always use some paper in the bottom to raise it up a bit. 
  • place a little water in the vase then place it inside you pumpkin and being arranging until full and balance. 

With the vase method the arrangement can be taken out of the pumpkin once you no longer need the decor. Or you could also carve pattern in the pumpkin and use string lights inside for some added flair. 

Carved pumpkin and vase
Pumpkin in progress
Finished pumpkin!