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environmental &
social responsibility

Our roses are the product of our rich natural environments and are borne from the labor of our employees. As such, we take both very seriously and work tirelessly to ensure we take care of them. Our farms in Cayambe employ 700 workers, and are the sole sources of employment for many families in the region. Their growth and prosperity have represented opportunity self reliance and higher living standards for many in the area. Aside from safe and fair work environment they offer the following employees:

  • Free access to basic healthcare such as diagnostic testing, vaccination and preventing. The farms medical centers are staffed by doctors and healthcare professionals.
  • Free dental care. Together with a handful of other farms in the region our farms sponsor a mobile dental care center and lab that provides onsite subsidized care and treatment.
  • Free transportation to and from the farms throughout the region.
  • Free child care. Our Farms pioneers in the region offering free child care to its workers children between the ages of 1 and 8. The child center is staffed by child care professionals and teachers are available to all working parents at the farms.

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