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Expo Flor Ecuador 2022 Recap

This fall, Quito was the epicenter of Expo Flor Ecuador 2022 which took place on October 5th, 6th and 7th. There was so much excitement and high expectations across the floral industry to be returning again after such a long absence due to covid. This year the show really delivered entertaining experiences and beautiful displays as the exhibitors went above and beyond to create an unforgettable show that would be a huge success.


We were thrilled to have so many new and varied products to explore at the show and seeing our friends and vendors was priceless! To name a few, here are some of the new items you will see or might have seen already from us. Veggie, a green and white unique rose that lasts for about 20 days and looks like a vegetable or unique peony, very funky and very L.A. in my opinion. We also decided to grow our Majolika line and will be having a regular supply of Champagne Majolika in a few months. So if you are a Majolika fan, like most of us are, you will not be disappointed with this new addition. One of the other new roses we are starting to bring in is Star Platinum. This variety was love at first sight for me, both in the green house and in a vase, this silver lavender rose is hard to miss.

Veggie and Star Platinum

We have also ventured into the world of preserved roses and currently have beautiful samples at our warehouse. This was a line that I had explored before with different vendors but had never felt strong about it until this last trip to Ecuador. We visited the very best in the industry and their work is stunning. I went from not being a fan of this item to loving it. I believe these preserved roses are going to be a great addition to our regular offering without competing with the fresh roses. They are a great alternative when a specific color is needed or when there is a shortage of specific tones. These roses could also be perfect for a long term installation with preserved stems and everything you might need. They also have peonies, dianthus, dahlias, and more. Once you see their blue roses you will never want to use the dyed ones again and their quality control is impeccable so when looking for something completely uniform in color, shape and size these preserved roses are PERFECT.

The show is always fun, but it could be exhausting as well; visitors usually tour different growers in the region during the mornings before they attend the show, and after the show closes at night, there are different cocktail parties and dinners to attend. 

Our farms had a beautiful display at the show where they featured lots of different rose varieties but some of the most popular amongst visitors were heart of gold, Ashley, Star Platinum, Golden Mustard, Violet Hill, Sweet Flow, Jeannine and Barista.


Last time Expo Flor took place was in September of 2018 and judging by the numbers, the show was a success! Expo Flor received 6109 visitors from 72 countries around the globe, there were 106 different exhibits and 2,236 people worked behind the scenes to help materialize these creative and unique exhibits. 

We can’t wait until the next show!