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FlorEcuador: Keeping Ecuador’s Roses the Best

Flowerlink officially opened in South California in 2004, but by that time we’d already been in the flower business for nearly two decades.  Our roots are in Ecuador.  It was there that we first began providing wholesalers with fresh cut roses from our Ecuadorian farms.  Our connection to the country is vital, which is why we’ve strived to be certified by organizations within Ecuador that insure that we meet the country’s highest social and environmental standards.  One of those partners is FlorEcuador.

In FlorEcuador’s own words they promote “the continual improvement of managing the social and environmental performance.  It integrates the control of the impact of its activities and products upon the environment with the management of the social welfare of the organizations.  Thanks to our certificate, when you buy a flower you can be sure that the team that produced it has worked in the best conditions and that they have been being cared for and respected so they can deliver to you, the world’s most beautiful flower.”

Flowerlink shares the main goals of FlorEcuador.  Those goals are to lessen the environmental impact of raising cut flowers in Ecuador.  To ensure that any and all employees within the country’s floral industry are treated and compensated fairly.  And also, to minimize the use of resources that have a detrimental effect on our country and our world.

FlorEcuador: Keeping Ecuador’s Roses the BestThere is a checklist that gains a company the coveted FlorEcuador seal.  They included having your workers be affiliated with the Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguridad Social or IESS and adhering to all adolescent labor rules that ensure there is no child labor.  There are also staunch regulations for both environmental impacts and industrial safety guidelines.

When you buy a product that has been certified by the FlorEcuador seal, you can be sure that the flowers were raised with the utmost respect for both the environment as well as the people who helped produce them.

Buy the World’s Best Roses From Flowerlink!

We’re dedicated to making sure that the roses that come from our Ecuador farms are the best in the entire world.  Moving to Southern California has allowed us to cut out the middlemen, making it possible to bring our roses directly to florists and high-end buyers in the shortest time possible.

That’s how you know you’re purchasing the freshest roses.  We can deliver roses directly to you no later than three days after they’ve been cut.  That is Flowerlink’s promise.

To order roses for any occasion, please call us at 310.848.1843 or email us at   Give Ecuador’s finest to someone you care about today!