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What’s the Flower Label Mean For Flowerlink?

When it comes to our roses, Flowerlink farms are dedicated to adhering to the strictest environmental and labor standards.  This is why, among many others, we proudly display the Flower Label Program (FLP) seal on all of our boxes.  But what does the Flower Label Program stand for?  And what does it mean for your flower purchase from Flowerlink?

The Flower Label Program Association was founded in 1999 with a clear mission – to ensure that the conditions in which flowers are produced are both socially and environmentally responsible.  The export of cut flowers has become one of the most import industries in many countries, some of which would be considered ‘developing.’  The underdeveloped industrial base of these countries paired with an incredibly high demand for fresh cut flowers can unfortunately lead to poor conditions for workers and a disregard for environmental impact.

Flower Label ProgramWorkers may be exposed to dangerous pesticides while being paid incredibly low wages and without fixed-term contracts.    This means there’s no cap on the amount of hours they work or guaranteed days off.  It’s an inhumane system and one that Flowerlink refuses to support.

When you see the Flower Label Program’s ‘Flower label’ on our boxes, however, you know that what you purchased was produced under the strictest standards and most fair and humane conditions.  FLP certification has been helping improve conditions since its inception and impacts workers lives directly.  When you see the FLP label you can rest assured that the people that produced those flowers were paid and treated fairly.  But purchasing flowers with this label does more than just clear the conscious, it sends a powerful message discouraging malpractice within the cut flower industry.

The ‘Flower label’ makes a guarantee to the consumer that the flowers they purchased came from where they claim and were grown under the most rigorous social and environmental standards.  That’s a promise Flowerlink wants to keep.

Get Your Ethnically Grown Roses From Flowerlink Today!

Flowerlink carries over 200 varieties of roses that include garden roses, spray roses, and premium select hydrangea, and you can be sure when you purchase your roses from us they were grown with a conscious mind.

We’ve cut out the middlemen and brought our product, the highest-quality roses in the world directly to Los Angeles.  And we’ll bring them straight to you within three days after they’ve been cut from the plant, ensuring both their beauty and their freshness.

To learn more about ordering flowers with Flowerlink or our process, please feel free to contact us by phone at 310.848.1843, by email at, or come in and visit our store in Hawthorne.  We look forward to sharing the world’s freshest roses with you!