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Flowerlink New Rose Varieties Fall 2023

Today on the blog we are highlighting new rose varieties we’ve added to our collection recently. There is something for all occasions and seasons with these new and unique roses.


Selfie is a unique new bicolor variety. The petals of this variety are light yellow on the outside and bright light red on the inside. What stands out for me the most with this variety is the way it opens. Selfie’s average size blooms transform into a huge rose with every opening stage being a showstopper. If you’re looking to add a new variety to your fall palette, selfie would be a great choice.

Jet Set

Jet Set is a brand new pink variety that has lovely large blooms that open well. This variety is full of light pink petals with a subtle darker pink along the edges. In addition to Jet Set’s beauty this rose if very fragrant with a great vase life of approximately 14 to 16 days. This variety is mainly available in 50 – 70 and comes from the breeder Interplant.

Pink Puma

This hot pink rose is stunning with its variegated medium pink stripes and gorgeous blooms that open open wide and hold very well. Pink Puma is a mutation of the beautiful Red Panther and lives up to its pedigree. I think this variety will be perfect for Valentine’s Day arrangements or anytime of year. Mainly available in 60 to 80 cm.

Star platinum

Star Platinum is a stunning lavender rose that serves as a great replacement for Ocean Song. This variety is a classic lavender shade with hues of silver and lovely petals. Star Platinum opens slowly and holds very well for a vase life of approximately 12-15 days. This variety is mainly available in 40 – 70 cm. 


This bright red variety opens wide with beautiful blooms. Redvolution is an extremely strong and long lasting variety with a vase life of at least 12 – 14 days. I’m putting my bets on this variety being one of the best performing varieties for Valentine’s Day and is the perfect option for the winter holiday season too. Redvolution is mainly available in 40 – 60 cm and comes from the breeder Genviv.

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