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Flowerlink’s 2022 Reflections

As 2022 comes to an end we like to reflect on the past 365 days. The first thing that comes to mind are the price increase we all endured due to gas prices, lack of supply, high demand, and inflation among other things. The second big and very positive conclusion is how much flower consumption has increased since COVID. During the pandemic there was a big increase in supermarket sales and those sales so far seem to be here to stay as consumers have kept up their new habit of bringing flowers home when they visit the grocery store. The third observation for 2022 was the high volume in events we continued to see due to cancelled or postponed events due to COVID.

Our sales increased 20% in 2022. We see many trends continuing in the market but are also on the lookout for any potential slowdowns mainly due to inflation or fewer events. People will always continue to celebrate special occasions with flowers.

Our Top Varieties in 2022

These were our top sellers in 2022 in three of our most popular categories. No surprises here as customer and consumer favorites really shine on this list.

Playa Blanca 

A true pure white rose with medium sized bloom holding clean looking petals. Classic white petals create a blush center that will add elegance to any event or arrangement.


An elegant pure white variety with a classic shape that opens nicely to reveal its true beauty and will hold for a long time. Tibet along with Playa Blanca are our most popular white rose varieties specifically for the wedding season. A good tip to know about Tibet is for larger quantities is an easier variety to source than Playa Blanca.


Creamy petals and blush pink centers make this is variety absolutely gorgeous in wedding bouquets and arrangements but can be used for much more. Our family owned farm in Ecuador grows this variety exclusively for us all year long.


This variety is a lovely creamy color with hints of blush and classically structured blooms. Vendela is perfect for wedding season and so many other things.


Freedom has large, standard cup shaped blooms and a classic crayon red color. This variety is great for all seasons and a Valentine’s Day favorite.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s copious amount of petals and a unique hot pink color blend to create something truly magical. These roses open fully and with a bold pop in color. Pink Floyd never fails to impress.

Pink Mondial

Pink Mondial is a dazzling standard rose variety widely popular among brides and florists. This rose is a dusty pink color that becomes more creamy as it opens with lovely chartreuse hues on the outer petals. However, Pink Mondial never loses the soft pink which seems to live in an inner layer of each petal. This rose adds a vintage look due to its color and ruffled petals. Pink Mondial has a large head and an impressive vase life of 12-16 days.


An elegant color red and big bloom size merge to create an amazing and exclusive looking rose variety. Each of its petals displays a deep red color that opens to show a beautiful cup shaped bloom.


A medium sized bloom and numerous petals plus its bright yellow petals, will capture anyone’s attention. This variety will definitely brighten any floral arrangement or event.

Free Spirit

his rose has abundant ruffly petals throughout, opens slowly and holds very well for a remarkable vase life of 16-20 days. I would best describe Free Spirit’s color as an Ombré orange with hues of pink. Sometimes this rose has more pink than orange and sometimes it’s the other way around. This variety is very popular all year and one of the most popular varieties in the fall season. 

Top Spray Roses in 2022

White Majolica

This variety is the most sought-after white spray rose on the market for events of all kinds. Everyone knows this variety opens quickly but it holds very well. That along with White Majolica’s unique shape make it an irreplaceable choice. This variety pairs well with everything and adds a lot of texture to any arrangement.


Snowflake is a gorgeous white spray rose. Each stem will have multiple small blooms that will open nicely perfect for weddings and events.

Pink Majolica

Just like the White Majolica, this soft pink spray rose is the most popular variety in its category. Each bloom opens in full, holding its iconic romantic shape made of soft ruffles while uncovering its yellow pistils.

Lovely Lydia

This variety as the name states is truly lovely with multiple delicate blooms per stem that open beautifully. With a vase life of approximately 12 days Lovely Lydia is an easy addition to any type of arrangement adding pops of bright color and the small blooms are perfect for boutonnieres. While Lovely Lydia is an ideal choice for Valentine’s day it’s also the perfect bright spray for anytime of year. We sell this hot pink spray variety the most all year round.


Bombastic, a fantastic spray that has at least 5 blooms per stem, with each bloom having at least 50 petals! Its light pink blush color and garden like shape make Bombastic is a very popular wedding variety, beautiful enough to be a focus flower as well as an elegant addition to any flower combination. Bombastic opens slowly and has a vase life of approximately 2 weeks. Due to its bloom count and size this variety will drastically increase the size of any arrangement, unlike some of the traditional spray roses.

Top Garden Roses in 2022

White O’hara

The color of this variety is white with outer light green petals. As this variety opens it will start showing a beautiful blush color in the center. White O’Hara has a large head with a high petal count and a lovely heart shaped center. This rose will always open wide showcasing a beautiful large bloom. As a bonus, this variety is highly fragrant.


A charming pink hue with lovely shaped heart-shaped petals in the center of each bloom. The blooms of this variety are largeand work well as a focal point in in any flower arrangement.