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Flowerlink’s Roses Against Bermuda’s Best

The remote island of Bermuda is known for numerous things.  For many it’s a tropical getaway, for some its surrounding waters are a source of supernatural intrigue, but you might be surprised that it’s also well-known for its roses.  In fact, some have come to call Bermuda a “living museum of roses.”  It’s a resource that is a great point of pride for the island nation, and one that they celebrate in the annual Bermuda Rose Show.  Last year the show celebrated its 75th anniversary, and there were many standout varieties on display.  As one of the top providers of high-end wholesale roses in Los Angeles, Flowerlink is ready to put our Ecuadorian roses up against Bermuda’s best!

Bermuda is full of a variety of roses from Teas to Chinas to Noisettes, but the varieties that garner the island the most attention are the Bermuda Mystery Roses.  These roses are considered a “mystery” because they have risen from natural crosses and their original names have been lost to time.  Many are thought to be Old Garden Roses that once dropped out of cultivation but have thrived in Bermuda because they are resistant to fungal diseases and flourish in humid weather.  Bermuda Mystery Roses have often been renamed after the owner of the gardener who rediscovered them.

Varieties of Bermuda Mystery Roses are always displayed during the annual Bermuda Rose Show, and quite often take top honors.  So, let’s have a look at some the best from their 75th anniversary and see how Flowerlink’s world class roses compare.



First up is Bermuda’s ‘Lady Waterlow.’  This climbing hybrid tea was bred in 1902 and is sought after for its delicate pink and white petals which are nearly translucent.




Flowerlink has many soft pink and white varieties that can match the Lady Waterlow’s elegance.  Subtle roses like the O’hara and Esperance are perfect for arrangements or events that require an understated, delicate touch.



Next, is Bermuda’s ‘Smith’s Parish.’  This rose is recognized for its light buds that are tinged with red and its irregular inner petals.




When it comes to bi-color roses that feature light petals splashed with gorgeous colors, Flowerlink has that covered as well.  Varieties like the Aubade fit the description, but if you’re looking for a bolder color contrast the Malu would be perfect.



Speaking of bold, the final Bermuda rose is the ‘E. Veyrat Hermanos’ which is an apricot and pink climbing tea.  Before it was rediscovered this variety was simply know as ‘Sunset.’



No rose, however, will ever capture the vibrant beauty of a sunset like Flowerlink’s Hot Merengue variety.

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