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Fresh Roses: A Supermarket’s Secret Weapon

What goods come to mind when you think about a grocer or supermarket?  You probably think about fresh fruits and vegetables, maybe milk, eggs, or bread.  Walk into any supermarket, however, and these aren’t the first products that you’ll see.  More than likely you’ll first be greeted by a display of fresh cut flower arrangements.

It’s incredibly important for a grocery store to offer fresh cut flowers, but it’s more than just a smart business decision, there’s actually a bit of science behind it.  The placement of products throughout the store is never an accident.  Take milk, for example.  Milk is one of the most commonly purchased items.  So why is it always in the back of the store?  Well, it’s so that everyone looking to buy a gallon of milk has to first walk through the entire market.  Maybe something else will catch their eye on the way to the dairy section, and they’ll buy something they hadn’t considered.  Flowers, however, are always right there in front.  It’s because it has been proven that the aromatic fragrance of flowers and their pleasant appearance actually puts shoppers in a good mood.  The better a customer’s mood, the more they spend.

Flowers also subconsciously make consumers think about freshness.  In many cases, fresh cut flowers have a shorter shelf life than many other products.  So seeing flowers that are fresh and healthy puts it in our heads that everything else in the store is probably well-kept and fresh, too.

Selling roses in a supermarket isn’t a gimmick, however.  It’s not simply about the science.  More and more people are turning to supermarkets to purchase their flowers so they are demanding the highest quality and a wider variety.  Trusted online magazines like Better Homes and Gardens are even giving their readers tips on how turn convenient grocery store flowers into stunning home arrangements.

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