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Green-Certified Holiday Gifts

There’s a reason that roses are one of the most popular gifts to give for the Holidays.  The right flowers can perfectly capture the Holiday spirit, can lift moods, and can put a genuine smile on someone’s face.   But it’s important to remember that giving doesn’t have to mean taking away from somewhere else.  That’s the core principal of conservatism, and making sure that we don’t have a negative impact on the environment is especially important in the floral and horticulture industries.

That’s why Flowerlink farms are dedicated to adhering to the strictest environmental standards in the world.  To do so, we are certified by many wonderful international organizations.  One of which is the Rainforest Alliance.  We’re proud to carry their seal, which ensures that we’re sharing their work toward sustainable land-use and consumer behavior.  You might be surprised to know how much of an impact the simple presents we give can have on the environment, and that’s why the Rainforest Alliance has released their Guide to Green Holiday Gifts.

All the products they list are certified to be gentle on the environment, and you’ll be amazed by the variety.  There are bath and body products from Pangea Organics® and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day®, both of which are made of certified Andiroba and Brazil nut oil.  For romance book lovers, there are Harlequin novels which boast a paper supply that is 15% Forest Stewardship Council® certified.  And to prove that technology and the environment can go hand-in-hand, there are even iPhone cases by Twig® that are made entirely of certified paper composite.

The Rainforest Alliance has set up an incredibly easy way to find certified products near you with their Shop the Frog database available on their website.

Get Green-Certified Roses Through Flowerlink

Even when we’re thinking about our friends and families for the Holidays, it doesn’t hurt to be conscious of the environment, too.  If you’re adding roses to your celebration, you can be sure that with Flowerlink you’re enjoying roses that were grown with both a social and environmental awareness.

To learn more about ordering the perfect roses for the Christmas season with Flowerlink please contact us by email at sales@flowerlink.bizor call us at 310.848.1843.  Flowerlink is the home to the world’s best roses and we can deliver them directly to you within three days of being cut, so you know they’ll be at their absolute best throughout the Holiday season.