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Healthy Roses Are Paramount to Flowerlink

Growing beautiful, quality roses means knowing the dangers that these plants can face.  At Flowerlink, we want to ensure that when you purchase fresh cut roses from us that you’re getting the freshest, healthiest flowers possible.  We know what threatens roses, and we know how to keep those threats at bay.

However, some rose growers in the Midwest and in parts of the Southern and Eastern US are dealing with a destructive disease that’s damaging their flowers.  They have the tools to fight against it, though, and they’re sharing those tools with home gardeners and large growers alike.

The aggressive disease known as ‘rose rosette disease’ was first noticed by horticulturists in 1941.  It was traced to a Japanese multiflora rose, used as a common rootstock for decorative roses.  The disease, which is spread by mites, is characterized by “witch’s broom” growth, or a clustering of little intrusive branches.   Along with these branches come red, stunted and distorted leaves.

A horticulturist at Ooltewah Nursery and Landscaping Co. in Tennessee recently noticed rose rosette disease on their fresh crop of roses.   Unfortunately once a plant is infected with the illness, the horticulturist only sees one option – dig up the sick plants and separate them from the healthy ones.  Fortunately the disease doesn’t affect the soil, so removing the bad plants and replanting new ones can take care of the problem.

But there are ways to prevent this disease from ever getting the chance to spread.  Another horticulturists at the Barn Nursery in Tennessee suggests planting rose plants far enough apart that the “mite can’t jump from one plant to another.”  Leaving enough room so that air can fully circulate around the flowers is key.  So is working in sanitary conditions which mean “picking up dropped rose petals and foliage [and] washing work gloves after pruning.

Flowerlink Provides the World’s Freshest, Healthiest Roses

At Flowerlink, we pride ourselves on our method of growing flowers.  We strive to not only grow roses that are beautiful and free of disease, but also grown in a manner that is environmentally and socially conscious.  You can rest assure when you purchase your roses from Flowerlink that they’ve been rigorously bred to for maximum immunity and maximum beauty.

To learn more about ordering flowers with Flowerlink, please contact us by phone at 310.848.1843, by email at [email protected], or come in and visit our store in Hawthorne.  Let us show you why Flowerlink provides the world’s best roses.

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