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Holiday Flower Show at Phipps Conservatory

Since 1893, the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens has stood tall in Schenley Park, one of the largest open reserves in Pittsburgh.  The towering glass and steel Victorian greenhouse is not only home to countless plants and flowers, it’s become one of the city’s architectural centerpieces.  Few conservatories in the area have more spectacular floral attractions, and Phipps doesn’t disappoint when it comes to Holiday flower shows.

Their Winter Light Garden and Flower Show kicked off in late November, and visitors from around the world are invited to tour the massive conservatory.   The west wing contains illuminated glass sculptures of ferns, mushrooms, and tillandsia, as well as a ceiling covered with twinkling stars that form familiar constellations against a glowing background.  The Light Garden also spills into the outdoors with glowing orbs and snowballs alongside brilliantly lit trees and even a literal fountain of light.

The lights are only part of the attraction, however.  It’s the flowers that are truly breathtaking.  Phipps Conservatory is dedicated to presenting mysterious and rarely seen flowers and plants to the public throughout the year, but during their Holiday Flower Show they roll out the more festive displays.  This includes flowers like the Amaryllis, a winter plant known for its ability to bloom indoors, delicate Paperwhites, a white fragrant houseplant, and of course the most iconic Christmas flower, the Poinsettia.  These seasonal staples are arranged among evergreens in garden scenes that best capture the whimsy and magic of the Holiday Season.

Conservatories like Phipps are incredibly important for making the beauty of our world more accessible to those living in it.  And more importantly, Phipps is an advocate for sustainable growing, green-building practices, and environmental awareness, all of which are equally important to Flowerlink.

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