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How to Create a Fall Pumpkin Floral Arrangement

Fall is so full of festivities, and I always wish it was a longer season to savor all the different things the season has to offer. In my home, there always is the expectation of home-baked apple pies, Halloween décor, pumpkin patch visits, pumpkin decorating/carving, Thanksgiving with friends and family, etc. The list goes on and on. My personal favorites are dressing up for Halloween and making some beautiful fall pieces to decorate the house. Carving a pumpkin is fun, but since I’m a perfectionist  it ends up being a very time-consuming project (which is not ideal with kids). Once I’m finally done and happy with my carved pumpkin, it’s disappointing to see it rot within a week (or less depending on the weather). For the past few years, I have decorated pumpkins with flowers instead of carving them. They look gorgeous, last for at least 2 weeks, and once the flowers die I still have those pumpkins to repurpose. Here is some more information on how to put together a beautiful pumpkin flower arrangement for your home this season.


To preserve pumpkins during the fall season, I don’t carve them. I also look for irregular pumpkins that have a dent on top where I can place an oasis. If needed, the oasis can be secured with some chicken wire and a few staples, but I don’t need to do this 90% of the time. For this type of arrangement, I favor pumpkins that are white, light orange, or greenish in color. These pumpkins are more unique and offer more freedom when choosing a color combination. 

Fairytale pumpkins are great for floral arrangements due to color and shape.

Once the oasis has been soaked in water, the next step is to accommodate a piece on top as best as possible. I have even kept the stem of the pumpkin sometimes and put the oasis on it to secure it. Once this is done, it is flower time! I usually place greens first. I like to make my pumpkins more wide than tall, but this is a personal preference. At this point, let your creativity take over and create your pumpkin with the colors and flowers of your choice. 

Pumpkin with oasis.

These beautiful handmade pumpkin floral arrangements are truly stunning and will easily last for two weeks. Every few days I will put the pumpkins in the kitchen sink and add some water to keep the flowers fresh. I always love to have one in my kitchen and one at my dining table. I like to create them in early October for arrangements. Once the flowers die, I let my daughters decorate or carve the pumpkins. I usually make one pumpkin floral arrangement to decorate my Thanksgiving table as well. 

These pumpkin floral arrangements make great centerpieces for a fall party as well. The same process can be done with smaller pumpkins depending on the size of the tables. I love how making these pumpkins with different color palettes can add a unique flavor to fall celebrations without always sticking to the traditional yellow, red, and orange. It gives you the freedom to do a fall theme party with literally any color you choose.

I hope you enjoy making these fall pumpkin floral arrangements as much as I do every year!