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Kenyan Roses: A Blossoming Industry?

At Flowerlink, the cut flower industry is near and dear to our hearts.  We’ve been growing roses on our family-owned farms in Ecuador for over two decades, and we’ve seen how the fresh cut flower industry has transformed that country for the better.  It seems like when it comes to providing wholesale roses, other countries are beginning to see it as well.

Like Ecuador, countries that are closer to the equator have the steady daylight and ideal temperatures to reap the full benefits of flower production.  While South America has long been one of the world’s top spots for rose growers, a country across the ocean has gotten into the trade, and it’s making a huge impact on their country.

In Kenya, horticulture has quickly become one of the country’s faster growing industries.  In fact over the last decade, Kenya has nearly tripled its flower exports and seen its flower export value increase nearly 14% each year.  Fresh cut flowers are now the country’s second largest export behind tea, and the industry is now composed of around 5,000 flower farms and employs over 55,000 Kenyans.  They’ve already positioned themselves as the leading supplier of fresh cut flowers to the European Union with nearly one million stems being cut and shipped to the EU each day.  And what about roses?  Well, roses account for a staggering 88% of all their flower exports.

There’s no doubt that the fresh cut flower industry is booming in Kenya, and it’s bringing a lot of much needed jobs and revenue to the impoverished nation.  But, it’s not without its criticisms.  Most of the issues stem from poor working conditions for those workers harvesting the roses.  It’s a shame that such a promising industry could be tainted with these allegations, but it’s also the reason that it’s so essential to have programs and institutions in place to make sure workers are paid and treated fairly.

These types of programs are the reason that the cut flower industry in Ecuador has thrived for as long as it has.  Growing roses that adhere to fair trade practices is incredibly important. and it’s something that we pride ourselves on at Flowerlink.

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Opening up our shop in Southern California has allowed us to cut out the middlemen and bring roses to Los Angeles event planners, florists, supermarkets, and high-end buyers in the shortest time possible.  But we’re still dedicated to making sure that when you purchase wholesale roses from our Ecuador farms through Flowerlink, you know that you are getting roses that were grown with a social conscious.

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