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Lex+: The Rose Creators

Flowerlink’s Ecuador greenhouses grow a wide variety of gorgeous roses.  We work with the world’s top rose breeders to ensure our dedication to growing the highest quality roses, and one of these breeders include Lex+ who creates first-class roses with state-of-the-art technology and well-honed artisan skills.

Lex+ has a simple goal.  “Create the best roses.  Roses that will make someone in our world very happy.”  They frequently assert their dedication to “creating the world’s best roses – for every region, every grower and every enthusiast.”

So why is there a plus behind Lex?  For Lex+ that plus stands for many things.  It stands for their strength in conceiving intelligent solutions when creating and marketing rose varieties.  The plus also stands for their global ambitions, but it’s also a promise to never lose sight of the people at the local level.   That symbol also stands for their pride in connecting high-tech and genetic programs with grassroots creativity and intuition.

Lex+ believes it is their responsibility to operate openly and honestly.  They claim this approach “produces the very best and most attractive and advantages for everyone: employees, growers, partners and flower sellers.”

They consider this approach Corporate Social Responsibility, because for them it’s not just about breeding interesting and beautiful rose varieties.   Beyond growing and blooming they are dedicated to giving opportunities to everyone involved with their company which leads to every employee being committed to creating the very best roses.

But they want to do more than just give back to their employees.  They also invest in communities by providing healthcare and education programs and helping build churches, schools, and hospitals.  They’ve even launched worldwide HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns.

Lex+ is a division of DNA Green Group.  This group is known around the world and respected for high-quality flower and plant breeding.  They are pioneering with the latest breeding technologies.  Having DNA Green Group as a parent company allows Lex+ to develop new varieties quickly to respond to ever-changing market demands.

Most importantly, Lex+ shares Flowerlink’s vision of how roses should be produced.  Like us they “believe that roses are only the best roses if they are a produced in a sound and socially-responsible manner.”

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Flowerlink will continue to work with the greatest breeders in the world to bring our customers the best and freshest roses.  If you need roses for any occasion, let Flowerlink help you find the most beautiful and impactful assortment.

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