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March Featured Rose Varieties

Spring is here and this month we features some new and client favorite varieties.


Meet the beautiful pale yellow rose Turtle, our most popular yellow variety all year round. Turtle has a large head size that opens wide to reveal all its lovely petals. This variety brings an elegant and distinguished look to any arrangement. Turtle has a hight petal count, a vase life of approximately 10-12 days and is available in 40-60 cm. The breeder for this variety is Kordes.

sand Castle (new!)

Sand Castle is a new variety that we are just getting to know. It is joining the family of champagne, off-white varieties and cream varieties that are so popular with our clients for wedding season. Sand Castle is similar to Sandy, Quicksand and Sahara and is a great addition to give our clients more options or to add additional depth to any arrangement. This variety has a gorgeous off-white color with hints of light tan and pink. Combine that with its lovely subtle fragrance making Sand Castle a beautiful choice.

Mansfield Park

This is the lovely garden rose Mansfield Park from the breeder JAN SPEK ROZEN. I personally love its fragrance, and the round shape of the bloom that keeps revealing layers and layers of petals (approx. 150 cm) and a beautiful array of blush colors that range from a very light pink outside to a deeper pink tone in the middle. Mansfield Park is one of those roses that keeps on giving. Breathtaking as the only element in a vase (my favorite) but will also make a statement when combined in mixed floral arrangements. This rose is a must for the wedding season.


Meet the very unique variety Karma. Every week I struggle convey just how special and different each rose truly is; and this week is no exception. Karma is a gem. This rose is delicate and perfect that it looks like one of those antique porcelain roses. It is a white/cream garden rose with petals that look like they were gently dipped in orange paint. Karma has a beautiful balloon-like round shape and flat on top. Every single petal including the guard petals should be kept on this rose. As an added bonus; it is very durable and sturdy. Definitely give this one a try!

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