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New Rose Varieties From Schreurs!

Having provided wholesale roses in Los Angeles and Orange County for ten years, we know that florists, supermarkets, and event planners are always looking for the latest varieties.  You want those exclusive roses, the ones yet to be seen… one’s that have been bred for both breath-taking beauty and longevity.

To breed the perfect rose, you must have the perfect environment.   Many climates simply aren’t sustainable for growing premium roses.  High humidity can cultivate disease-causing pathogens and water that has too much sodium or soil with a pH that is too high can keep roses from flourishing.  Flowerlink’s farms in Ecuador have the optimal temperature and are tended by devoted workers that ensure the roses our farms produce are some of the best in the world.  That’s why many of the world’s top rose breeders have chosen the country of Ecuador to grow many or their most innovative varieties.

Schreurs is one of those breeders.  The family-owned company has been breeding, propagating, and marketing roses for over half a century.  While they are headquartered near Aalsmeer in the Netherlands, they have subsidiaries in Colombia, Kenya and of course in Ecuador.  Schreurs is able to boast that growers in over 100 countries have chosen their varieties, making them one of the leading companies in their field.

Recently Schreurs gave a sneak peak at some of their latest varieties, and we wanted to share them with you as well.   Just how new are these varieties?  They are yet to be named and these pics are the first available images from their greenhouse.  Which is your favorite?

SR 78121
SR 78109
SR 77738










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Flowerlink is dedicated to providing your Los Angeles store, shop, or event with the latest and greatest varieties of roses.  There’s something else that sets our roses apart.  We value our roses, but we also value the way in which they’re bred and grown.  That’s why we make sure our roses are grown under the strictest social and environmental standards, adhere to globally-recognized fair trade principals, and can still be delivered to you within three days of being cut.

We want to share our Los Angeles wholesale roses with you.  To learn more about the varieties of roses Flowerlink carries or for fresh cut samples, please contact us today!