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Popular Champagne Rose Varieties

Today on the blog we are highlighting some of our and our client’s favorite champagne rose varieties. Rose varieties featured in this post : Quicksand, Early Grey, Sahara Sensation, Sahara, and Menta



Meet the beautiful and much loved Quicksand. Those creamy petals and blush pink centers make this is variety absolutely gorgeous in wedding bouquets and arrangements but can be used for much more. Our family owned farm in Ecuador grows this variety exclusively for us all year long.


Length: 50-70 cm

Early Grey

Next up is Early Grey. A unique variety with light lavender to silver centers and outer petals of creamy chartreuse. This whimsical variety opens beautifully and adds interest to any arrangement.

Early Grey Rose Variety

Length: 40 – 70 cm

Sahara Sensation

Sahara Sensation is one of our newest spray rose offerings. This variety is stunning with it’s larger peach/champagne blooms that have a soft garden rose look. This new variety is already becoming very popular with our clients.

Sahara Sensation Spray Rose Variety


Sahara is another on of our super popular varietes. Sahara is a gorgeous sandy cream variety that is a perfect option for any season and we are excited to have it available all year long from our farm in Ecuador.

Sahara Rose Variety

Length: 40-50 cm


Meet Menta, a soft silver/lavender hued variety. Menta’s blooms open beautifully in a swirl of petals for a romantic antique look.

Menta Rose Variety

Length: 40-50 cm

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