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Popular Green Rose Varieties

Some of our and our client’s favorite green rose varieties. Green rose varieties featured in this post: Green Tea, Mayra’s Green, Jade, Super Green, Lemonade.

Popular Green Rose Varieties

Green Tea

A yummy pale green variety with larger classically structured blooms. This variety mixes with with other colors and flowers and is perfect for any type of arrangement.

Green Rose Variety Green Tea

Bud Size: 5.5 cm | Length: 40-50 cm

Mayra’s Green

Mayra’s Green is a beautifully ruffled green garden rose variety from the Mayra’s collection. This variety has a creamy chartreuse color with light blush centers and greener outer petals. This variety brings a gorgeous romantic but natural look to any design.

Green Rose Variety Mayras Green

Length: 40-50 cm


Is a lemony-lime colored green rose variety that has compact blooms with distinctive angular petals. The variety is perfect for summer and pairs well brighter complimentary flowers and berry colored hues.

Green Rose Variety Jade

Length: 40-50 cm

Super Green

Super Green’s name speaks for itself as this is the greenest variety featured this week. Super Green is a sturdy rose with unique bushy blooms making it great for structured work and filling space but is also a highlight on it’s own.

Green Rose Variety Super Green

Length: 40-50 cm | Bud Size: 4.5 cm


Lemonade is one of our green cabbage headed rose varieties. Lemonade is a lovely chartreuse green color with a large sturdy head making it great for centerpieces and filling space in an arrangement. This variety also has a long vase live and we love those ruffly green petals.

Length: 40-80 cm | Bud Size: 6-6.5 cm

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