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Popular Lavender Rose Varieties

Today we are highlighting some of our and our client’s favorite lavender rose varieties. Lavender rose varieties featured in this post: Avant Garde, Blue Moon, Moody Blues, Deep Purple, and Ocean Song.


Avant Garde

Meet lovely Avant Garde. This varieties exceptional number of perfectly lavender petals make it a great wedding season option for bouquets, centerpieces and arrangements.

Length: 40-60 cm | Bud Size: 5.6 cm

Blue Moon

Blue Moon is the perfect lavender spray rose variety. This variety opens fully with a ruffled “garden rose” look and it’s soft lavender petals are oh so romantic. Each stem contains 3-5 blooms which gives you a lot to work with, adding size variation and texture to any arrangement.


Moody Blues

This is gorgeous Moody Blues. Those large blooms and lovely lavender ombré petals are sure to impress whether in an arrangement or on their own.


Length: 50-80 cm | 6.5 cm

Deep Purple

Meet Deep Purple. One of our Lavender bi-color rose varieties with petals of perfect lavender and bold magenta accents. Deep Purple will make a statement in any arrangement.


Length: 50-70 cm | Bud Size: 5 cm

Ocean Song

Ocean Song is a pale lavender variety with a classic look and subtle accents of pink on the outer guard petals. This rose add a sweet romantic feel to any arrangement.


Length: 40-60 cm | Bud Size: 4.8 cm

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