Popular Pink Rose Varieties

Popular Pink Rose Varieties

Today on the blog we are highlighting some of our and our client’s favorite pink rose varieties. The varieties featured here are: Pink Mondial, White O’hara, Mayra’s Rose, and Pink Majolica.


Pink Mondial

This light pink variety has lovely ruffled petals and accents of creamy chartreuse. Pink Mondial is a popular wedding season variety with it’s classical elegance and long bloom life.


Available in 40-50 cm.

White O’hara

While this varieties name says white, White O’Hara’s petals have a hint of ivory pink with beautiful blush centers. The large blooms add romantic focal points to any arrangement and is a popular wedding variety. As a bonus to it’s loverly petals this variety smells absolutely ahhh-mazing.


Mayra’s Rose

Marya’s Rose one of our pink garden rose varieties that is a definite show stopper and super popular with our clients. We love those ruffled petals and her wide open blooms. This variety adds a soft feminine look to any arrangement.

Pink Majolica

Available in 40 – 50cm.

Pink Majolica

Pink Majolica is one of our super popular and beautiful pink spray rose varieties. Here are few things we love about this variety:

She opens super fast (within about an hour) after being unwrapped and placed in water. Even though she opens fast she will still holds her blooms for a long time. Those lovely layered petals that give any arrangement a lush garden rose feel.
Each stem contains 3 to 5 blooms for more flower power.


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