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Popular Valentine’s Day Red Rose Varieties

Happy almost Valentines Day! Today on the blog we are highlighting some of our and our client’s favorite romantic red rose varieties. Rose varieties featured in this post: Piano, Red Paris, Hearts, Freedom, Mayra’s Red


Meet the elegant red garden rose Piano. This variety opens to perfect cupped blooms with each stem typically having one or two side buds. This variety has deeper red outer petals with rich red centers.


Length: 40-70 cm | Bud Size: 5.5-6 cm

Red Paris

Ultra chic Red Paris, one of our super popular red rose varieties. This rich velvety red is not only a classic for Valentine’s Day but is perfect for wedding arrangements and a pop of color any time of year. J’adore!


Length: 50-80 cm | Bud Size: 6.5 cm


Next is one of our top selling red rose varieties, Hearts. The name says it all as this deep red rose will surely steal yours with its amazing shape and ruffled petals. This variety is perfect for the season and so romantic for Valentine’s day.


Length: 50-70 cm | Bud Size: 6-6.5 cm


Bright and bold Freedom has large, standard cup shaped blooms and a classic crayon red color. This variety is great for all seasons and event types.


Length: 40-110 cm | Bud Size: 6.6 cm

Mayra’s Red

Our last featured red variety is the lovely garden rose Mayra’s Red. This deep red variety opens wide with lots of ruffled petals adding a romantic feel to any arrangement!

Mayras Red

Length: 40-50 cm | Bud Size: 4.0-4.2 cm

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