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Preesman: Breeding a Colorful Future

The Flowerlink farms in Ecuador house 250 acres of farmland, including 124 acres of greenhouses, where the world’s very best roses are grown.  Preesman is one of those global breeders that trust the Flowerlink farms.  According to their own site, “Preesman breeds and selects new varieties of Roses, Chrysanthemums and Alstroemeria in its locations all over the world.”  These locations include a global head office in Holland as well as offices in Kenya, India, and of course, Ecuador.

Many of Preesman’s agents have been a part of the company for over ten years.  Preesman sees them as one of the most vital elements in the success and health of their ever-growing organization.  This is why they often spotlight their agents in their monthly newsletter.  They want to give a face to the generational growers and sellers that help breed gorgeous new varieties that infuse the cutting-edge of modern technologies with lifetimes of experience.

Preesman: Breeding a Colorful Future

Preesman also knows, however, that agents can’t be successful without loyal, enthused clients.  That’s why in 2011, Preesman implemented their “Early Client Involvement” program.  This program has given clients a hand in making sure the selection of new flower varieties are the most desired and beneficial to buyers.  Part of this program has included a steadfast Open-Door Policy that makes it possible for clients and partners alike to have their voice heard at any of Preesman’s global facilities.

Their commitment to breeding amazing varieties is in constant motion from the Red Torch and Trigger, new vibrant red rose varieties from their Kenya locations, to the Pompidou, a gorgeous flushed pink from Ecuador.

Order the Most Beautiful Varieties of Roses From Flowerlink!

We’re proud to have Preesman varieties grown in our farms, because we pride ourselves on bringing the world’s best rose varieties to you.   Making sure new and beautiful rose varieties are grown on our farms is only part of the Flowerlink promise, though.  We’re equally dedicated to making sure those roses are grown with the highest standards in protecting our environment and providing a safe and prosperous work setting for those who produce our flowers.

There is no better place to order roses online than with Flowerlink.  To order roses, or if you simply have questions, please contact us by phone at 310.848.1843, by email at, or come in and visit our store in Torrance, CA.   No matter the occasion, the world’s freshest roses can be delivered straight to you from Flowerlink!