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Proflora: Colombia’s Biggest Flower Show

The city of Bogotá, Colombia will be hosting the Proflora organization’s 12th biennial international flower trade show.  Proflora has become a vital tool to promote Colombian flowers and their floricultural chain.  According to Proflora “it not only opens up doors to new businesses and new projects, but it also lets us show the world that Colombia is a country full of amazing surprises, colors, embracing vigorous people that work every day on making this country a better one.”

The event is organized by an association of Colombian flower exporters that represent over 75% of flower exporters in Colombia, Asocolflores.  For Asocolflores, Proflora has become a vital tool in promoting Colombian flowers by bringing in over 1000 international buyers to become one of the world’s biggest and best cut flower trade shows.

The event will take place from October 2nd to October 5th.  Before the event even kicks off, the organizers of Proflora will take some visitors on flower farm tours around Colombia’s main flower growing region of Savannah of Bogotá.  The farms that are visited will all also be exhibiting at Proflora.

The following day there will also be a golf tournament which will pit Proflora exhibitors and international buyers against each other in a fun, light-hearted round of golf.

Once the Proflora event truly kicks off there will be an Opening Ceremony at Corferias Conference Hall which will include high-level Colombian officials and local government including a speech by Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos.

During Proflora, there will also be an Outsanding Varieties Competition which growers and breeders that are exhibiting products are invited to join.  The competition will include a “flower quality” competition for growers with a winner for each variety, and there will also be a ‘’flower quality” competition for breeders which is limited to varieties not yet available to international markets.

The Proflora expo in 2011 showcased 362 varieties with 4,775 buyers attending from 47 different countries.  The event will also feature a “carbon-offset” program that will help those attending lessen their environmental travel impact by contributing to land conservation and reforestation.

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