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Rainforest Alliance Promises Conservation

At Flowerlink, we’re not only passionate about bringing you the highest quality, most beautiful roses in the world, we also want to make sure that those roses are grown with a both a social and environmental conscience.  That’s why we strive to be certified by national organizations that can assure our customers that we’re serious about the impact we have on the world around us.  The Rainforest Alliance is one of many logos that our boxes carry, and we’re incredibly proud to have their seal of approval.

Deforestation is the single greatest threat to our tropical forest and agricultural expansion is responsible for 70% of it.  To battle deforestation, the Rainforest Alliance was established in 1992 in Costa Rica.  It quickly spread to thirty-eight other tropical countries across the globe and now more than two million farmers and their families benefit directly from the program.

A certification by the Rainforest Alliance means that your product was grown and managed sustainably on three important pillars – environmental protection, social equity, and economic viability.  To be certified by the alliance, growers must meet standards set forth by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN).   These guidelines lead farmers toward both sustainable farm management as well as giving auditors a system by which to evaluate improvements on both a social and environmental level.

The SAN regulations also make sure that workers are paid a legal minimum wage, receive benefits, are trained properly, and prevents child labor.  But humans aren’t they only ones that benefit – conservation of wildlife is also integral to receiving the seal.  In fact, many certified farms actually serve as forest reserves for a wide-variety of species.   The SAN regulations are constantly evolving to reflect an ever-changing world.  This means the regulations never go out-of-date and are constantly being debated by a network of experts and evaluated with independent studies by universities and nonprofit groups.

The great work the Rainforest Alliance does is quite broad in scope and strives to improve our world on environmental, social, and economic levels.  When you choose an agricultural product that is Rainforest Alliance certified, you can rest assure that you’re supporting farmers and their families worldwide who are all working toward improving their lives and protecting our planet.

Flowerlink is Proudly Certified by the Rainforest Alliance!

The little green frog seal that appears on our boxes is recognized around the world as a symbol of social, environmental, and economic sustainability.  Social and environmental responsibility is something that Flowerlink will continue to strive for when growing the over 200 varieties of roses that we carry.

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