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Roses in the Fall

Well, November is here and with it has come cooler weather.  The clocks have rolled back and our coats and jackets have come out.  The trees will soon be changing from green to red, orange, and yellow – the colors of fall.  So what does that mean for roses?  Well, for those of you that enjoy growing your own around your home, it means it’s time to start planting.

Roses are incredibly versatile plants and can often be grown year round, but many believe that there are two solid planting times for roses in the US, spring and fall.  While spring may seem like an obvious choice, many experts actually believe fall to be the better option.

Cooler air temperatures coupled with warm soil is ideal for roses.  It’s best to get them in the ground while there is no danger of frost and when the plants still have time to grow strong feeder roots before that frost arrives.  When the plants do bloom it’ll be much quicker, giving you the spring months to do your pruning.

Containerized roses are also fairly common this time of year.  These are roses that have been grown in pots, tubs, baskets, or other containers and are often intended to be transferred to the ground as soon as possible.  Sellers are often willing to part with these plants for reduced prices as they don’t want to care for them until the warmer spring months.  This time of year those rose plants might not be looking their best, however, as they’ll be losing their leaves and possibly be developing blackspots.  But that all comes with the season.   When you plant these roses, they’ll be coming back in the spring in all their splendor.

 Roses in the FallFlowerlink Provides the World’s Freshest, Most Beautiful Roses

Growing roses is a complicated skill, one that Flowerlink has been perfecting for decades.  All our roses are grown on our Ecuador farms, a country with an ideal climate for growing the world’s best roses year round.

We pride ourselves on our method of rose growing.  We strive to not only grow roses that have vibrant colors and are healthy but grow roses in way that adheres to the highest environmental and social standards.  That means when you purchase Flowerlink roses for a holiday, birthday, wedding, or any other occasion, you’re purchasing roses that are grown with a conscious as well as years of experience.

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