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Roses on Your Thanksgiving Day Table

What will be on your table this Thanksgiving?  We’re guessing it’s going to be packed to the edges with home-cooked food.  Hopefully, there will be room for pumpkin pie, green beans, sweet potatoes, and of course, the biggest turkey you can find.  But what about the centerpiece?  What will be in the middle of the table that will be sure to catch everyone’s eyes?

There are so many things that can make a gorgeous Thanksgiving Day centerpiece.  Some are quite simple, the perfect project for a do-it-youselfer.  A clear bowl can be filled with fall-colored fruits and vegetables like baby pumpkins, carrots, squash, and bell peppers, anything edible that brings to mind the spirit of fall.  Fruits and veggies can even be swapped out for sweet and salty snacks like nuts or candy.

If you’re setting a more intimate atmosphere, candles are always a popular addition, and by adding them to a jar filled with acorns, you can make them both romantic and festive.  You can also literally bring a piece of autumn to your table by filling a vase or pitcher with branches and leaves of different colors and shapes.  If you want a more organic vase, something more specific to the season, it’s very popular to use a hollowed out white pumpkin.

The décor on your table is incredibly important to setting the perfect Thanksgiving atmosphere, but there is truly no better way than an assortment of flowers.  There are so many varieties of flowers that bloom in beautiful fall colors, because that’s what you’re looking for, something colorful and crisp to match the mood of the season.

Flowerlink carries many varieties of roses that fit perfectly with the season from the picanto, free spirit, wild spirit, and intenzz.  As the holiday’s name implies, Thanksgiving is all about generosity and abundance, and that spirit should carry itself over to your centerpiece.

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