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Roses Are a Source of Both Beauty and Health

The aesthetic appeal of roses is undeniable.  Their vibrant colors coupled with a delicate fragrance can brighten any room.

There’s even science to back up the positive health benefits of roses.  Many argue that smell is our strongest sense as it is the closest linked to memory.  A slight scent is enough to evoke vivid images of our childhood or important events in our life.

The pleasing aroma of roses can tap into these meditative responses, producing a soothing and stress relieving effect while boosting our mood.  According to the experts at Lovelyish, a flower can be a “powerful positive mood inducer” with the rose being able to create a particularly high level of good thoughts and feelings.

In 2009, there was a study done by Dutch scientists to see what psychological effects cut flowers had on people.  In their study they separated sixty-four participants into four different rooms.  Each room was identical except for having different varieties of floral arrangements. After a meal, each participant was quizzed and interviewed about their experiences.

The experiment found that at an unconscious level flowers did indeed have a positive impact on how people perceived both the environment around them as well as each other.  In the end, the subjects in rooms with flowers were simply found to be warmer, more cheerful, and more accessible than those in the rooms without.

The incredible benefits of the rose itself are obvious, but that doesn’t even include all the practical applications of products derived from rose petals and hips like rose oil and rose water.  Among myriad other benefits, these products have been found to ease tension, treat wrinkles, and nourish skin, hair and nails.

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