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Schreurs: Breeding Quality Roses For Decades

The Flowerlink farms house 124 acres of greenhouse within Ecuador that ensure the perfect environment for growing rose plants.  Our dedication to both the highest quality roses and the well-being of our workers is the reason that some of the world’s top rose breeders chose our farms as their Ecuador showrooms.

Rose breeders are truly artist, and like with any artist, it’s important to know who they are and how they operate, and we’d like to take the time to highlight one of the wonder breeders whose varieties we grow.

Schreurs was founded in the 1960’s as a family-owned flower company.  Headquartered in the Netherlands with subsidiaries in Kenya, Colombia, and of course Ecuador, they are active in the breeding, propagation, production, and marketing of roses.

By its own admission Schreurs’ mission “is to develop, produce and constantly improve unique floral products. Products that excel in cultivation aspects, longevity and beauty.”

Consumers are looking for roses that have the most beautiful color and shape, as well as a long life and few or no thorns.  Breeding is all about combining varieties of roses to get the very best of these characteristics into one plant.

But it can take years to cross a plant, so patience is one of the most important aspects of breeding.  Patience is something Schreurs prides themselves on, and they have the experience to back it up. For 50 years they have breeding new roses and gerbera, making them one of the leading companies in their field.  In fact, growers in over 100 countries have chosen their varieties.

At Schreurs’ Holland facility they are constantly testing new varieties, not only for their beauty, but for their longevity and resistance to disease.  Schreurs is committed to improving every aspect of the quality of their roses before they can become commercial varieties.  And because they are constantly trying to improve their roses means that they have a deep and varied assortment of flowers that include the wildly popular Cool Water, Cherry Oh, Moody Blues, and Tibet to name a few.

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The best rose breeders have a distinct style along with the highest quality of roses, and Flowerlink prides itself on working with the best breeders in the world.  When you order from Flowerlink you can rest assured that the roses you purchase were bred and grown with both a conscious and years of experience.

To learn more about ordering the highest quality flowers from Flowerlink, please feel free to contact us by phone at 310.848.1843, by email at, or come in and visit our store in Hawthorne.  We look forward to sharing the world’s freshest roses with you!