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Study Helps Florists Gain New Customers

The floral industry’s biggest day is nearly upon us.  As a wholesale rose provider in Los Angeles, we know that Valentine’s Day means florists across the city are going to have their hands full trying to meet the incredible demand.  It’s the time of year where men and women who normally wouldn’t purchase flowers are in the buying mood because, as we all know, flowers are the perfect gift for saying ‘I love you.’  But what happens after the 14th?  If you’re an LA florists, how do you plan to continue to gain new customers throughout the rest of the year?  Well, the Floral Marketing Research Fund may have an answer after they recently conducted an in-depth study into the barriers and incentives for purchasing flowers.

The results of the study titled “Purchasing Barriers Study for Non-Flower Buyers” were released at the end of last year during the annual fundraising dinner for the American Floral Endowment.  The study was hailed for presenting “easily understandable and… compelling ideas to implement and get business from non-flower buyers.”  This is an incredibly important subject for florists and flower providers as, after a brief survey, the study found that eight out of ten adults have no plans to buy flowers within the next year.

 Study Helps Florists Gain New Customers

The study would go on to suggest ideas that could attract these coveted non-flower buyers, and perhaps the suggestions could even help your Los Angeles flower shop bring in new customers.  Much of the study surrounded price incentives including offering discounts and coupons or shipping and delivery specials.  It was also suggested that your shop offer attractive guarantees on both delivery time and vase life.

It wasn’t all about cost, however.  Many of the suggestions included making the idea of flowers more desirable for potential buyers.  This included marketing efforts to present flowers as the go-to gift for all occasions.  Focusing on the emotional connection attached to flowers should be a key selling point according to the study.  The idea that love and joy are the most prevalent emotions felt when receiving flowers can incentivize recipients to return the favor and gift flowers themselves.  Simply put, the easier your shop makes giving flowers, the more likely it will be that non-flower buyers will take advantage.

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