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The Fragrance of Los Angeles Wholesale Roses

The scent of a rose is a factor that can’t be overlooked when choosing varieties for flower shop arrangements, weddings, or Los Angeles event planning.  The fragrance can make as big an impact on people, if not bigger, than even the beauty or longevity.  So what do you look for (or better yet smell for) when deciding on the aromatic character of a rose?

The strength and uniqueness of a rose’s fragrance is determined by the way it is produced.  The amount of sunshine and the intensity of the sun’s exposure makes a big difference.  Other environmental factors play a part during a rose’s development as well.  Temperature, humidity, and wind can all make a difference in a rose’s ultimate scent, but water acidity and soil are some of the most important.  Moist, fertile soil brings out the sweet smell of the rose as perfume-filled chloroplast moves to the petals in larger amounts.  On the more negative side, disease can be huge detriment — mildew will always make a rose lose much of its scent.

You can tell a lot about the way a rose will smell just by looking at it.  Darker roses often have stronger scents than lighter hues, as do plants with heavier petals and a velvety shine.  Plants with more petals also produce more fragrance – more petals, more scent.

Color is also a big indicator.  The sweet smell most associated with the rose comes from plants that are red or pink.   Plants that are yellow or white often have a more subtle smell of violet, and orange roses are most often associated with the scent of fruit.

Fragrant garden roses have the strongest scent.   It’s one of the reasons they are so popular and are regarded as a luxury item.  We carry several varieties that are highly regarded for their fragrance and include the Ives Piaget, Arthur Rimbaud, Caramel Antique, Jeanne Moureau, and Tolousse Lautrec.

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