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The Power of a Single Rose

Giving the gift of roses can truly make an impact.  It can show someone that you care about them, that you love them, that they are important.  An assortment of roses can truly brighten someone’s day, but sometimes a rose simply says you’ll never forget.  It isn’t just the beauty of the rose that’s important; it’s what that particular rose represents.

The Power of a Single RoseFor a family in Paradise, CA a rose came to symbolize more than words could ever describe.  The family has been grieving since suffering an unfathomable loss in March when their young daughter passed away.  Soon after, the little girl’s grandmother began calling local nurseries because for her it is a tradition to honor the memory of a loved one with a rose.

Her calls gained the attention of a rose grower in Chico, CA who made it her personal mission to find the perfect flower… and she found it.  This month the family was presented with a rose named Grace Darling, fitting as it shares it’s named with their beloved daughter.

The Power of a Single RoseThe Grace Darling is a hybrid tea rose that was produced by Henry Bennett, an English rose breeder, in 1884.  Originally the rose took its name from Grace Horsley Darling, the young daughter of a lighthouse keeper who aided her father in saving those that had been shipwrecked.  Her heroic efforts made her a British legend after her untimely passing in the 1840s.  The Grace Darling is desired for it delicate fragrance and pink and peach coloring, also fitting as pink was the little girl’s favorite color.

After her exhaustive search for the perfect rose, the Chico grower had the Grace Darling sent from a nursery in South Carolina.  She watched after the rose for months, making sure it survived and maintained its beauty.   The family intends to plant the rose beneath their daughter’s window.

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