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Valentine’s: The Flower Industry’s Biggest Day

Valentine’s Day is once again here.  If you’re connected to the cut flower industry, we’re sure you already know because Valentine’s Day is the industry’s biggest time of year.  Los Angeles florists and supermarkets will be rushing to meet demand, and if they didn’t order enough in advance, their customers could go home empty-handed.   So, just how big is this day to our industry?  Well, here are some Valentine’s Day facts that you might find interesting.

* In 2013, it’s estimated that 233 million roses were produced for Valentine’s Day.

* According to the American Society of Florists, Valentine’s Day will account for nearly one-third of the year’s flower purchases and will provide up to 40% of some florist’s dollar volume for the entire year.

* It’s projected that one in three Americans will buy flowers to give as a gift this week.

* Red roses will account for around 63% of flower purchases.

* According to the National Retail Federation, last minute Valentine’s Day shoppers will spend an average of $100 dollars on their flower purchase.

* Of the total flower purchases for the holiday, women account for 36% as they buy flowers for their mothers, daughters, or spouses.

* 15% of purchasers will buy the flowers for themselves.

* In true last minute fashion, 1% of shoppers will wait until February 15th to make their flower purchase.

* Valentine’s Day is a bigger payday for florists when it falls on a weekday as gift-givers purchase larger, more expensive arrangements when they are sent to an office or workplace.

Los Angeles Wholesale Roses From Flowerlink

Roses continue to dominate the Valentine’s Day gift market in the US.  With this incredible demand for roses, we hope that you’ve chosen the right Los Angeles rose wholesaler to provide your shop or supermarket with your Valentine’s Day flowers.

At Flowerlink, we pride ourselves on our dedication to not only providing beautiful fair trade roses to all of our clients, but to always being dependable and consistent, especially around this vital time of year.  It’s the reason that many of Southern California’s most-renowned florists and supermarkets carry our roses.

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