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Welcome to Flowerlink!

Flowerlink welcomes all of our fans and friends to our brand new website! We hope this new digital home will make it easier for customers to browse our collection of ethically grown flowers, and allow people from all over the world to learn about our organic and responsible process.

Flowerlink is a Fair Trade certified importer and wholesaler. We grow all our flowers on our 250-acre family farm in Ecuador, which includes 124 acres of greenhouse. We offer over 200 varieties of roses, including spray roses, garden roses, and premium select hydrangea. Since opening our shop in Los Angeles, we’ve stayed committed to delivering customers the freshest roses available, guaranteeing our flowers travel from farm to customer in three days or less.

Our commitments are to quality and freshness, but what makes Flowerlink proud is our dedication to ethical and responsible growing and farming practices.  Our farms adhere to the strictest environmental and labor standards in the world, holding certifications from international organizations such as The Rainforest Alliance, Flower Label Program, and Fair Trade USA. And each one of our 700 employees enjoy a comfortable living wage, safe work environment, and a generous benefits package, which includes free health care and dental, and complimentary child care.

Flowerlink team members are constantly traveling between our farm in Ecuador and the storefront in Los Angeles to make sure we’re always in clear communication with our growers. Whether you’re a looking to purchase a bulk order for a special event or to want to place a standing order for your business, Flowerlink’s devotion to freshness, ethics, and responsibility always ensures you the highest quality product.

To learn more about ordering flowers with Flowerlink or our process, please feel free to contact us, or visit our store in Hawthorne.