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Wholesale Roses on the High Seas

Only a small fraction of wholesale roses in Los Angeles are actually grown within the state.  In fact, most aren’t even grown within the United States.  Most cut flowers come from continents that have the right temperature to produce them year-round like Kenya, Colombia, and of course, Ecuador.  Have you ever wondered how those roses get from the farm to your flower shop or special event?  Well, sometimes they are shipped by sea, and it’s quite a fascinating process.

While cargo plane is still the preferred method, high fuel costs and breakthroughs in technology are making more rose producers turn to the ocean.   It’s a method that is being adopted more and more, especially when importing to European countries.  It’s important to note that at this time 99% of intercontinental shipments of cut flowers are still moved by air, but some are projecting that as much as 40% could turn to ocean transport in five years.

The technology is there, too.  Insulated steel containers in cargo ships can keep roses just above freezing, basically in ‘suspended animation’ for their journey, a process which has been found to have little to no ill effects on the flowers.  Companies like Danish conglomerate, Maersk Container Industry, have even partnered with companies like Boston appliance company, Primaira LLC, to develop high-tech air purification systems that prolong the life of roses shipped by sea.  There are also companies like Flowers on Waves that have created a gel that can keep flowers moist during their travels.


So, what’s the downside?  Some flowers are simply too delicate for the long ocean travel.  The shipments can take two weeks as opposed to the one or two day trip offered by air.

Los Angeles Wholesale Roses From Ecuador to You

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