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Your Guide to the Perfect Holiday Roses

It’s the Holiday Season which means that many of your customers or clients are probably wanting festive bouquets and arrangements.  Even here in sunny Los Angeles, people want to purchase flowers that evoke a sense of Christmas cheer.  That’s why around this time of year many publications are putting out their lists of top flowers for Christmas.  So do roses make the list?  Of course, they do!

Carnations have long been a staple for Mother’s Day, but they go just as well with Christmas.  They might come in a variety of colors, but white and red will always be the most sought after during the winter months.  The compact nature of carnations pairs well with the long, elegant petals of lilies.  If you’re looking for something bolder than the soft colors of lilies, however, orchids are becoming more and more popular during Christmas for their colorful arrays.

But what flowers are the most synonymous with Christmas?  If you’re planning an event or setting up a window display, what would people most likely recognize?  Well, there’s always the pure, white beauty of chrysanthemums coupled with hypericum berries that make for the perfect bouquet or table decoration.  The most iconic Christmas flower, however, is certainly the poinsettia.  While they are popular to plant, they also make great cut flowers.  The poinsettias’ red and green foliage has been associated with Christmas since the 16th century in Mexico as many associated the star-shaped leaf pattern with the Star of Bethlehem.

Wherever you see these listings of the very best flowers for the Holidays, you can be sure that you’ll also see roses on the list.  The variety of colors, shapes, and fragrances means that roses can be matched to nearly any arrangement or floral setting.

At Flowerlink we carry many rose varieties that are absolutely perfect for the Holidays.  They include Explorer, Red Paris, Hearts, Polar Star, Queen Berry, Cherry Oh, Flash Baccara, Black Magic, and Piano.   We can help you find the Holiday rose that best suits your needs.

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We have over 200 varieties of roses, and we can work with you to find the roses that fit your needs.  You can rest assured than when you order with Flowerlink, you’re getting the very best because we deliver our roses within three days of being cut.

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